Payment Processing


NTPOS has partnered with merchant services provider, Payment Processing, Inc. to provide complete technical support at no charge for PCCharge users. Unlike the banks that typically provide merchant accounts, PPI houses their own software support department, specializing in POS Software products with embedded Payment Processing modules. PPI acts as a technology partner to your business, taking over configuration and installation and providing ongoing technical support for the PC Charge software, modem and card reader at no cost.

Unlike software developers that charge hundreds of dollars each year for support, PPI never charges for technical support and when PPI holds the merchant account, they are able to diagnose problems at the network level, so your call won¡¯t be ¡°bounced¡± back and forth from tech support to account provider. It¡¯s like having a bank and a software support company all in one!

Dial-up or IP connectivity¡ªPPI can set you up to process via dial-up modem or broadband IP connection which offers 2-5 second authorizations. For merchants who have customers standing in line, that makes a huge difference over traditional dial-up times of 20-40 seconds.

Free technical support-- PPI will provide configuration, installation and complimentary technical support for PC Charge as well as modem and card reader support for as long as you hold your account. Save money on processing rates and fees

The rates and fees we can offer NTPOS users are as follows:

Qualified Discount Rate 1.69%
Per transaction fee $.19
Monthly Statement Fee $10
Application Fee $49

While these rates are already extremely competitive, if you need PPI to match current statements or a competing quote, simply fax a written copy to receive a complete side-by-side rate comparison.


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